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Jews in Canada

Jewish Canadians – history, international relations, community

The Jewish history is complex and includes many theories and presumptions. As people may know, the Jews went through historical events that pushed them to dissipate all over the world. More than that, Jews come from a mixture of ascents that is difficult to track back in time. After many revolts that proved to be unsuccessful, the Jews established in different homelands, all around the globe. One of the locations they chose is Canada. Usually, the immigrants in Canada come from culturally major groups. This was not the case for Jews. They chose Canada as a homeland out of necessity. Jewish people lived in diverse parts of the Middle East, Europe, and even Africa. The Jewish communities in Canada are now prosperous and both Israel and Canada are tied diplomatically, commercially and culturally. This is a short presentation of the tumultuous history of the Jewish Canadians. (more…)