The amazing potential of Canada-Israel relations

Collaborations; now that’s one that can ensure the growth and sustainability of any country. Luckily, the Canada-Israel relations is helping with the growth of both countries through an amazing bilateral partnership with cooperation in a variety of core strategic areas.

Where did it all begin?

The Canada-Israel relations all began back in 1948 when Canada accepted Israel as a State. And on May 11, 1949, the two countries came together to form a formal diplomatic relation.

While the Embassy of Canada in Tel Aviv stands as the Canadian representative, the Government of the State of Israel, on the other hand, is represented by an embassy in Ottawa, Canada, as well as consulates in Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal.

Marked by strong cultural, social, economic, and political ties, both Israel and Canada have formed a powerful, multidimensional mutual relation.

Since 1948, one thing that has been at the core of Canada’s policy for the Middle East is its support for Israel and their right to live in security and peace with their neighbors.

Strength of the Canada-Israel relations

A major strength in the Canada-Israel relation is how extensive its people-to-people ties are. Israel has over 35,000 Canadian citizens living within the state and approximately 90,000 Canadian travel to Israel on a yearly basis.

Numbering about 350,000, the Canadian-Jewish community further bridges the gap between these two countries. Plus, these tires also lead to an increase in the cooperation between Canada and Israel in tourism, culture, philanthropy, and business.

Another thing that strengths this bilateral relationship is the Canada-Israel Strategic Partnership MOU. This bilaterally beneficial agreement further helps with deeper cooperation in different sectors like innovation, international development and aid, security, energy, and even in the enhancement of global human rights.

Effect of Canada-Israel relations on investment and trade

Numerous mutual agreements are supporting the commercial relations Canada has with Israel. These agreements include:

  • The Air Transportation Agreement of 2016
  • The Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation of 2016
  • 2012 Canada-Israel Agreement on Bilateral Cooperation in Industrial Research and Development

The State of Israel comes with numerous business possibilities such as investment and trading, making it a crucial economic collaborator for Canada in North Africa and Middle East regions.

A significant element of the bilateral relationship between Canada and Israel is the collaboration in innovation, technology, and science. These relations are air-tight and have been improved with over 20 years of devoted partnership.

The Canadian government has created a partnership with Israel with the aim of supporting joint commercialization, development, and research projects. Also, the Quebec and Ontario governments have come up with programs for the support of researchers and companies that are looking for partnerships within Israel.

To sum up

The Canada-Israel relations have been more than helpful to both countries in so many ways.

In 2017, Canada recorded a high merchandise export to Israel amounting to more than $450 million. This merchandise included precision and scientific instruments, electronic and electrical equipment, machinery, precious stones, and so on.

This relation has come a long way, and hopefully, it’s going to continue.